Lo Fi Coffee

Welcome to Lo Fi Coffee.
We are a coffee business based out of Mesa, Arizona.

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Lo Fi Coffee - Mesa

Lo Fi Coffee Mesa is the original location, and located in the heart of Downtown Mesa.

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Lo Fi Coffee-Mud Dauber

Lo Fi Coffee Mud Dauber is located on 16th Street and serves the Coronado District of Downtown Phoenix. We opened in December of 2012. We are located inside of a multiplex of businesses called The Hive.

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Lo Fi Coffee - Roastery

We import all of our coffee ourselves, and also make sure that our quality control is always up to date. Formerly known as Xanadu Coffee, we roast for all of our shops and others! Feel free to browse the online store if you would like to pick up some coffee from us!

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One of the fundamentals that Lo Fi Coffee was built upon was servicing the venues in which we place ourselves. Lo Fi Coffee currently serves The Hive in Phoenix, and The Historic Nile Theater in Mesa. We have different sites doing different events at any given time! Make sure to check your nearest location and see what's going on! We are always hosting, or taking part in events at our shops.

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Feel free to contact or keep up to date with us at our Facebook, or email us email us.

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About Lo Fi Coffee

What It's All About

Lo Fi Coffee has been a work in progress and will always be a work in progress. The whole idea started on a cold night in December of 2010 with a meeting between Sam Clark the owner and The Nile Theater about opening up a coffee cart inside of the "front room" of The Nile. The coffee cart idea evolved into a coffee shop eventually and thus the idea for Lo Fi was born. We turned a dark lonely store front on Main St. into a lively coffee shop ready to serve the masses! on June 14th of 2011 Lo Fi first flipped the open signs. It was 110 degrees and not ideal weather for drinking a hot cup of joe. We've since expanded into a second location at The Hive on 16th Street in Phoenix, and are soon to be moving in at Grand Avenue with The Trunk Space.

The Name

"Lo Fi Coffee" comes from the term low fidelity. Low Fidelity is often a term related to vinyl records describing the scratched and flaw sound one always hears. We took the idea and ingrained into the coffee shop. No business is perfect and we don't want to be perfect! We just want to be a coffee shop that is always striving for excellence while maintaining a degree of uniqueness! We aim to be just what we want to be nothing more and nothing less. Our employees have their own personalities and so does the coffee shop as it builds around them. Never be surprised to hear punk rock on the stereo or some soft country music. We also live in the same building as music venues, so often you will hear the low fidelity sound of a sound check for a concert happening that very evening!

Our Take On Coffee

Coffee is the keystone of our business, it is what we live for. We strive to make sure the customer enjoys every cup of our own personal recipes. We take the culinary approach in our coffee. Coffee houses are very similar to restaurants; similiar, but never the same. Our methodology is based on the idea of serving the customer the best possible drink with coffee always being the priority. We will go above and beyond to make sure the customer gets what they want, but we follow guidelines to ensure that the flavor of our coffee is always preserved. While there are corporate chain coffee shops that aim to standardize the industry we will always work to make sure that every shop has its own personal flair. Traditional names, terminology, and recipes are used in the coffee shop.

Science is crucial to what we do. Instead of adjusting our drinks on "shots" or any other sort of informal mathmatics, we break it down. When trying to find out what tastes best with our espresso we gauge by grams. Not all espressos are created equal! We acknowledge this, and aim to always provide the best possible product! Our drip coffee is always made by hand! Sometimes we may offer a pot of coffee, but we will always let you know when we do!

Handmade Drinks!

Handmade is what we're all about! We always want to make sure that every customer gets the very best of what we have to offer! From a large iced drink with syrup to the cup of black coffee. We always make our drinks by hand, and never by automation. If you request something different in your drink, then you'll get it! We are here to make sure you get a custom-tailored option with your product, and you leave with the best!

About The Roaster

Lo Fi Coffee has actually been roasting for five years! Randall Denton Partner/Owner originally began with Xanadu Coffee, this and a strong passion. Randall has a strong work ethic and it is a huge portion of what drives Lo Fi Coffee.

Locations Come See Us!

Lo Fi Coffee, The Nile Theater, Mesa

Inside of The Nile Theater in Downtown Mesa. Lo Fi Coffee opened in June of 2011. We have since then grown into a staple of Downtown Mesa. We are dedicated to the area, and to the patrons of the concerts.

Lo Fi Coffee, Mud Dauber, Phoenix

Lo Fi Mud Dauber opened in December of 2012 on the 16th Street edge of The Historic Coronado District in Phoenix. We spent the first year creating a name for ourselves dedicating to a higher quality of coffee.

Thank You!

Lo Fi Coffee started out as an experiment to mix coffee with an all ages, all friendly environment. We strive every time we open up a business to make sure that our friends and family will be welcome there. We are looking forward to every person that walks through the door and giving them best possible cup of coffee!